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By registering to use the Motor Pool system, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and will abide by all policies, rules and regulations relating to the proper operation of University vehicles and motorized equipment contained on this page, the Fleet Services website and OU Staff Handbook.

The Motor Pool kiosk is the primary means to check out/in vehicle keys and is available 24/7. A valid OU employee ID card is required to unlock the doors to the kiosk room after office hours. Drivers can also enter the access code (provided in the note section of the reservation confirmation) into the grey pad and unlock the door. Drivers must use the kiosk to check out/in vehicle keys unless instructed otherwise by Fleet Services staff.

It is prohibited to return keys to the ‘drop box’ unless authorized by Fleet Services staff. Keys dropped in the box without prior authorization may result in a fee equal to an additional day’s rental. If a Fleet Services employee is called in after hours to retrieve a key from the drop box, additional fees may apply.

The registered driver for a reservation is the only person who can check out keys from the kiosk. Any registered driver can return keys to the kiosk.

*All reservation requests should be made at least five(5) business days in advance of the pick up date. Requests for passenger vans and sport utility vehicles(SUV) should be made at least seven(7) business days in advance of the pick up date. Vans and SUV's are in limited supply, particularly during peak demand days Thursday-Sunday and holidays.

Availability of any vehicle, or type of vehicle, is not guaranteed. OU Motor Pool and Enterprise staff will make the best effort to meet needs as requested.

Cancellation - If you need to cancel a reservation please do so no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled key pick up time to avoid being charged. Failure to cancel, or check out the vehicle may result in a charge equal to two day’s rental. Go to your reservation screen and select the reservation you want to cancel. Click on the red X to cancel. You will receive an email confirmation.

Motor Pool vehicles may be equipped with GPS devices that record location and speed. This   information can be valuable to determine a vehicle’s location in the event of a breakdown or traffic accident. GPS also provides valuable engine performance and diagnostic data to Fleet Services. Drivers may receive reports regarding speeding violations if GPS indicates that excessive speeding has occurred. Reports may be forwarded to the driver's supervisor if speeding violations continue.

Drivers must have a valid driver's license and have authorization from their supervisor or department head to rent and/or drive a University vehicle. Drivers must be employees of the University and travel must be for official business purposes only. Using University vehicles for personal travel or purposes is prohibited. Drivers should not travel to/from their residence with University vehicles. Passengers must be OU employees or official guests of the University. Transporting guests should be kept to a minimum. 

No more than nine (9) people, including the driver, can travel in passenger vans. All persons traveling in University vehicles must be seated and wear a seat belt.

Drivers should make sure they know the location and understand the operation of instruments and controls in the vehicle before driving.

Each vehicle carries a $2500 damage deductible (per incident) to be charged to the renting department. This includes damage caused by weather, vandalism, any incidental damage caused by the driver or another party, or damage caused by neglect or abuse of the vehicle. In the case of neglect or abuse, the renting department may be charged the full amount of the repair costs.

Motor pool vehicles are not off-road vehicles and should only be driven on paved roads, unless specifically authorized by Fleet Services staff. Vehicles should be locked during travel and when the driver leaves the vehicle. Secure and hide items left in the vehicle.

Vehicles returned unusually dirty will be charged an additional clean up fee.

Roadside assistance and insurance forms are contained in the document wallet located in the glove box or the console of each vehicle. Be sure these are present before leaving the motor pool parking lot. Roadside Assistance is provided through the WEX credit card or GPS provider. Numbers to call are located on the back of the card, or documents contained in the wallet.

Make sure you have a means to complete your travel in the event of a vehicle breakdown, or traffic accident that can disable your vehicle. Carry a personal credit card that you can reserve a vehicle with, or use to pay for lodging. In these circumstances Fleet Services staff will always do their best to assist with finding alternate transportation, but it’s best to have a backup plan in the event Fleet Services can’t respond in a timely manner or can’t get a rent-a-car vehicle to your location. Travel that includes a group of people should consider renting and taking a second vehicle that can accommodate everyone.

A golf car (2/4 seat) is also available to rent from the Motor Pool. Click on the link at the top of the page and read the 'Golf Car and Small Motorized Vehicle Policy'. 







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